XML feeds – Format Selection

I am spending a fair amount of time these days thinking about middleware that will power the applications for the '20s and beyond. From the wave of metaphors used in the "Web 2.0" parlance, one dominant theme is the pervasive use of XML feeds to communicate information to consumers.


Converging Applications and the Web

Adam Bosworth paints a vision for the future of applications (and the Web) that far exceeds what I have been pushing for as a vision for business applications. Although this is an old post, with more than 60K of markup text, its relevance and applicability is quite durable. One of the best takeaways from

Entrepreneurs and Society

"Once an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur for life." No? Perhaps I am wrong in believing this but I have never been able to wean myself off the E-tap since I first co-founded a company in late 1999.

I constantly stumble in to interesting non-profit problems that it seems like an endless