Male Grooming Technology Overview

As a man, I regularly maintain a beard of epic proportions, and doing so is not a matter of waiting for it to grow. I must trim it daily and the days of using primordial methods such as scissors is long gone. I own two of the best electric beard trimmers that get the job done well and leave my beard both tidy and fresh.

My beard trimmer has quickly and easily become one of my most used essential grooming tools. It helps me keep my beard styled exactly the way I want without the effort of going to a barber shop on a weekly basis. The function of a beard trimmer is exactly that, to trim your beard and keep yourself looking well-groomed. Don’t expect it to work like a razor or shaver.

If you have a beard, a beard trimmer is absolutely a necessity if you want to create clean cut edges and the flexibility of showing off your unique personality and style preferences. Once you get one, you’ll never want to go back to your dusty scissors.

The first step to choosing a beard trimmer is understanding your personal grooming preferences. For example, if you are the type of person that prefers to shave in the shower there are some trimmers that allow for wet trimming. On the other hand, some are built specifically for dry hair cutting and can be damaged if you take it in the shower. A well-built trimmer can last you a while if you take proper care of it.

One of the best tips to choosing one that’s right for you is also analyzing your beard growth and face shape. At the end of the day what matters is how much control you have over your beard and how your beard will frame your face. For thicker beard growth, look for a trimmer that comes with multiple attachments.

One of the reasons why beard trimmers are so much more convenient than the old school scissors are all of the amazing attachments to choose from. Guard attachments provide you with more options for how you want to shape your beard and the length you want to keep it at.

Surprisingly not all beard trimmers need so many attachments, for the sake of convenience flexible beard trimmers will have adjustable blades built into the trimmer itself. You can set the blades to have more or less of a guard depending on the settings you choose.

I have enjoyed using my trimmer for quite some time now and I can tell you that actually using attachments versus built in settings have become a nifty way to test out different styles without tugging on my skin. Plus swapping out different guards really helps to give me ultimate control of my beard to defy a more uniform cut.

If you are growing out your beard you absolutely need to consider the use of a trimmer at home. Owning and maintaining the proper tools provides a sense of manly grooming and empowerment that other grooming routines just don’t provide. The longer I have used mine, the better I have felt about my overall appearance and if you haven’t used one before you should definitely give it a try!

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