SAP CRM for iPhone and drag-and-drop

Apple, through its lack of an SDK for iPhone, has coerced software developers to treat the Web as a first class development platform for mobile device.

Last week SAP announced availability of its CRM software for the iPhone ahead of other platforms. Someone looking for details about breakthroughs that SAP made in its mobile software offering to adjust to the iPhone environment will be quite disappointed in this announcement. But a careful reading betrays the brute force approach most enterprise vendors of Web-based applications take — bend the platforms to their whims. Their announcement claims

The iPhone software, part of a new sales-force automation suite from SAP, uses a Web-based interface with drag-and-drop tools …

Apple went to great lengths to convey that drag-and-drop is not good for mobile devices. In fact, its own iPhone applications forgo drag-and-drop features. And yet, SAP says that is exactly what its iPhone applications are distinguished at!

No surprises here.


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