Changing the World?!

Why would you listen to me? Why, I am just a sleep-deprived gadfly who could dream of nothing better. Adam Bosworth said this a couple of years ago at the MySQL User Conf 2005. In any case, I referred to this talk in one of my previous posts converging applications and the Web. (Surprisingly, there are plenty of references to Adam’s talk but none really to his talk directly – the top results are, instead, everyone else’s opinions of his talk.)

Joe Gregorio resonated with this idea when I discussed the future of AtomPub at the recent AtomPub Interop at Google. His post on MegaData also discusses how it is possible to achieve Web-level federation of data.

This space has only just begun to attract attention and the rest of this decade should produce reasonable replacements for the traditional client-server RDBMS + 3GL based applications we have lived with for the last three decades or so. Clearly a lot more is at stake than just blogs and news, social networks and photo sharing.

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