Clamor for Self-Scaling Databases for Web Development

Not that this is an easy problem, but awareness is half the problem solved, or something to the same effect.

This is what I would like from a Web database:

  1. Require no work on the part of the application development or administrative orgs for
    1. high availability
    2. disaster recovery
    3. scaling
    4. geographical placement
    5. Of course, availability guarantees are negotiable
  2. Self-tuned query execution
    1. Allow for run-time evolution of data structure/schema
    2. based on analysis of the structure and queries being processed
    3. Support querying of XML data and full text search, not necessarily XQuery – see GData API, Lucene query syntax 
    4. Subset of SQL only supported – GQL, Amazon’s SimpleDB
  3. Make database directly Web aware
    1. Protect against DOS attacks
    2. Protect against injection threats
    3. Provide feeds and native support for Atom/WebDAV
    4. Relations recorded as Web-style hyperlinks
    5. Native support for synchronization to devices
  4. Record level authorization
    1. Using encrypted authorization keys
    2. Works directly with HTTP authentication (or its extension)
    3. Support for flexible authentication, OpenID, OAuth
  5. Flexible transaction policies
    1. Stale reads
    2. Optimistic concurrency

Am I missing something important in this list?

As to those who have expressed a desire for such databases:

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