New WD for programmable HTTP caching and processing

The programmable HTTP caching and processing standard that is advancing through W3C, called DataCache, has recently been updated. A new working draft is available. You can read the frequently updated, latest and greatest version or get to a stable WD of DataCache.

This version has several improvements over the previous working draft:

  1. The spec extends the HTML5 ApplicationCache interface and add some behaviors to it related to programmability of caching.
  2. There is no more a secure data cache concept that would be guarded by cookies.
  3. This spec is heavily tied to the HTML5 Application Cache and refers to a lot of terms, algorithms, interfaces, and events defined there. It also modifies the networking model defined there.
  4. The asynchronous interfaces are styled similar to Indexed Database.
  5. I have removed the synchronous interface until we agree on the rest of the spec.
  6. Security considerations are modified.
  7. Mechanisms to inspect the metadata of application caches is provided.
  8. A new mechanism to annotate an application cache with outbox type of metadata is provided so that user agents can provide a control panel to users for acting on outbox when network connectivity is reestablished.
  9. New events on the cache are removed or moved to events on cache transactions.
  10. The File API Blob interface is now used in the spec.
  11. It is more richly hyperlinked and features improved IDL listings.

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