New WD for browser database standard

At the start of a new year, I wish the best to you in 2010.

The browser database standard that is advancing through W3C, called Indexed Database API, has recently been updated. A new working draft will soon be available. You can read the frequently updated, latest and greatest version or get to a stable WD of Indexed Database.

(Please note Indexed Database used to be called WebSimpleDB originally.)

This version has several improvements over the previous working draft:

1. It has a smaller footprint in terms of features.
2. It is more specific in terms of supported data types.
3. It supports two modes of deadlock-free operation.
4. It offers concurrent iteration through multiple cursors for both synchronous and asynchronous clients.
5. It features a consistent API style for asynchronous clients.
6. It contains security considerations
7. It is more richly hyperlinked and features improved IDL listings.

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