Graph Structures and Atom

If one is willing to interpret a relational database through the eyes of an application (family, really), Atom does indeed help. In more general sense a simple two level hierarchy (container, element (container, element()) can go quite far when using hyperlinks. However, if interpreting a relational schema without any knowledge of applications that

Changing the World?!

Why would you listen to me? Why, I am just a sleep-deprived gadfly who could dream of nothing better. Adam Bosworth said this a couple of years ago at the MySQL User Conf 2005. In any case, I referred to this talk in one of my previous posts converging applications and the Web. (Surprisingly, there

Are you Smart Enough?

Paul Graham says:

If you don't think you're smart enough to start a startup doing something technically difficult, just write enterprise software. Enterprise software companies aren't technology companies, they're sales companies, and sales depends mostly on effort.

I thought Paul Graham is always right. And

Lazy JSR spec writers

Can't believe the JSR 173 spec writers were so lazy!

When did you last feel like flagellating a JSR editor? Well, Chris Fry (BEA) and his team of JSR 173 expert group members definitely deserve this rich reward for a stupid mistake of copy-and-paste. You'd say we all do that

The King (J2EE) is dead, long live the King

I always considered middleware technologies to be ephemeral and favored explicit architectural thinking for long term stability. (My dissertation shows how different styles are essentially composable from small and simple primitives independent of middleware technologies.) Industrial technologies aka runaway trains, viz., CORBA, DCOM, and J2EE were each a rehash of DCE RPC. Neither

Email Riot

Have you ever heard of an email riot? I could only find one genuine use of it online. Nevertheless, let me explain to you what it means. For those with little time -

An email riot occurs when one mob of users tries to rush out of an administered mailing